sexta-feira, 18 de abril de 2008

She made my day --- Ela iluminou meu dia hj....

This is really interesting---you just have to keep looking at it--it's a bit dark but that might be difference in monitors---I like this a lot...
Ally`s comment on my last pic---UHUHUHU

She ---- Allyson Tyler Jones
What does she do ---- She`s a FAB photographer
How much does she inspire me ----- It`s uncountable
What did she do ---- Just wrote a comment on my last picture ---I`m doing an online course with her at bigpicture scrapbooking....
How do I feel about it ----- I`m in heaven
Ela ---- Allyson Tyler Jones
O que ela faz---- Uma SUPER fotografa
O quanto ela me inspira----- Nao tem medida
O que ela fez---- Escreveu um comentario em uma das fotos licoes de casa---Faco um curso online de fotografia com ela
Como eu me senti----- TO NAS NUVENSSSSSSSSs